Bangladesh screen


First Aparence: 18 Wheels Of Steel Extreme Trucker 2

Country: Bangladesh
Fuel Stations: 5

Bangladesh is one of two new locations in 18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker 2. Bangladesh is hot and humid with random rain showers. Along the road there are palm trees, the ocean is visible on the West and South roads. There is construction taking place on the furthest southern road where the ports are. Feni has a steel factory, there is a railroad that exist although hard to find.

Ranks of BangladeshEdit

Extreme Trucker 2 Rank:

  • Delivery Boy
  • Chittagong Honk
  • Entrepreneur
  • Bengal Star 
  • Trucking Raja 

Citys of BangladeshEdit

Aparence on Extreme Trucker 2 Only:

List of Cargo of BangladeshEdit

List is on Working!

Map of BangladeshEdit

  • Bangladesh map


Bangladesh and Australian Outback is only locations with Righ-Hand Drive

Bangladesh.Australian Outback and Yungas Road is only locations to use Volvo

Bangladesh is only locations with no Semi-Truck Cargo Water and Fuel

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